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RV / Cargo Trailer

ImmerSeal® pre-cured silicone sealant is effective in a variety of waterproofing applications in RV & Cargo Trailer manufacturing & repair.  Due to its unique properties, ImmerSeal® can be used for sealing around roof penetrations, sealing roof to wall transitions, and sealing roof and wall seams in RVs and cargo trailers.  ImmerSeal® is also an excellent choice for sealing holes, tears and other repair applications.  ImmerSeal® can be used to seal around RV windows & doors as well as interior applications such as shower enclosures.


immerseal-logo-hires-sm -  Key Features for RVs & Cargo Trailers

  • High flexibility & uniform size allows ImmerSeal® to seal RV/Cargo Trailer applications more effectively than typical caulk, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. (Figures 1-4)
  • Material can be easily cut to seal straight or rounded penetrations, including vents, windows, & doors. (Figure 2)
  • 100% silicone formulation provides a long lasting seal that won’t crack or leak.
  • Ultra low modulus provides high elasticity and movement capability.
  • Versatile material can be used in both exterior & interior applications, such as:
    • Vent, ladder, & antenna penetrations (Figures 1 & 2)
    • Roof & wall seams (Figures 3 & 4)
    • Window & door perimeters
    • Shower enclosures
  • Wide operational temperature range.
  • Available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, colors, & configurations.
  • Ideal for repair of failed caulk, tears & holes.
  • Use ImmerBond® silicone adhesive to adhere ImmerSeal® to a variety of substrates, including fiberglass, EPDM, metal, vinyl, TPO, wood & many others.

Click here for ImmerSeal® RV/Cargo Trailer Information Sheet

 Typical Caulk Installation
Unsightly “caulk” prone to degradation, cracking and leaking
 ImmerSeal® Installation
Aesthetically pleasing ImmerSeal® will withstand long term weathering & UV exposure
 Caulk smeared on seams of a cargo trailer roof
Caulk smeared over the seams on a cargo trailer roof
 ImmerSeal® installed on cargo trailer seams
Attractive and functional ImmerSeal® installed on the cargo trailer seams