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immerseal-logo-hires -  Product Description

Sealex ImmerSeal® Pre-cured Silicone Sealant is an ultra low modulus RTV cured silicone extrusion used in a wide variety of construction related waterproofing applications. ImmerSeal® is bonded to substrates using a premium silicone sealant such as ImmerBond® as the adhesive. Because of the unique properties of ImmerSeal®, it is used as a permanent sealing solution where other materials have failed time and time again. ImmerSeal® is manufactured from 100% silicone using a revolutionary patented process specifically designed for maximum production flexibility and product variety.


immerseal logo hires sm -  Features

  • More economical than cutting out and resealing failed sealant joints
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of sealing high movement joints
  • Resistant to ultraviolet exposure and weathering
  • Higher movement capability (+200%/-75%) than other sealing options
  • Wide operational temperature range (-60° F to 300° F)
  • Ability to handle multi-directional movement (expansion, contraction, shear)
  • High tear resistance
  • Exceptional resistance to tear propagation
  • Color fast formulation
  • Will not shrink and stays permanently flexible
  • Low forces at adhesive bond-line makes it well suited for soft substrates such as EIFS
  • May be bonded to itself or other substrates by using a premium silicone adhesive sealant
  • Successfully seals joints where other sealant materials are ineffective

ImmerSeal Adhesion Testing
These photos show the high movement capability of ImmerSeal® as viewed during an adhesion test.


immerseal-logo-hires-sm -  Common Uses / Areas of Application

  • Expansion joints in new construction or repair applications
  • Leaky roofs, skylights or flashing
  • Window perimeter & mullion seals
  • Repairing leaks in aluminum window systems
  • Curtainwall system joints
  • Metal building/roofing applications including:
    • Expansion joints
    • Roof to wall transitions
    • Roof height change details
    • Joints between new and existing buildings
    • Ridge applications
    • Various repair applications
  • Tooling hot melt butyl, polysulfide & polyurethane sealant in IG applications
  • As a non-stick, cushioned liner strip for IG storage racks
  • Used on gloves or cut as pads for use in handling IG units
  • RV & Cargo Trailer applications including:
    • Sealing around roof penetrations
    • Sealing roof and wall seams
    • Sealing holes, tears and other repair applications
  • Seals in marine applications
  • Specialty gaskets or seals for general building maintenance
  • Seals ductwork on HVAC systems
  • Seals leaks on truck trailers, shipping containers or transportation vehicles
  • Many others!


immerseal-logo-hires-sm -  Standard Products

ImmerSeal® pre-cured silicone seals are adhered to substrates using silicone sealant such as ImmerBond® High Performance Silicone Adhesive Sealant and are available in standard sizes ranging from 1” to 12” in width with a nominal thickness of 2 mm (~0.08”). Standard profiles are rolled up flat in 50 or 100 ft increments on 3 inch cores, protected by side shields and packaged individually. ImmerSeal® has a smooth, matte surface and are readily available in the following standard sizes and colors:

Standard Sizes: 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6"

Special Sizes: 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12"

ImmerSeal® is available in the following standard and special colors:

Standard Colors

Special Colors

WhiteWhite LimestoneLimestone
BlackBlack PrecastPrecast
GreyGray CharcoalCharcoal
SandstoneSandstone Blue SpruceBlue Spruce
Red BrickBronze BronzeRed Brick
  Adobe TanAdobe Tan
  Pale PinkPale Pink
Actual colors will vary depending on the quality of the monitor on which you are viewing this chart. Contact Sealex for actual silicone color samples depicted above.


immerseal-logo-hires-sm -  Customize It!

In addition to our standard extruded silicone profiles, ImmerSeal® is available in many different custom colors, shapes and sizes. Below is a list of customizing options:

  • Examples-of-Notched-ProfilesCustom Color - Computerized color matching
  • Custom Width and/or Thickness - Extrusion width and thickness may be modified to meet your specifications. Custom sized extrusions are available in widths from 0.5" to 14" and in thicknesses of 1 mm to 6 mm
  • Profiles with Notches / Bend-lines - Extruded profiles may be modified to incorporate a multitude of notches, allowing for a great variety of installation configurations
  • Textured Profiles - Choose from a variety of factory applied textures to suit your application requirements
  • Irregular Shapes (vs. flat shapes) - Next to some minor process limitations, a vast variety of specialized shapes may be extruded in order to achieve permanent sealing solutions for a multitude of applications using custom ImmerSeal® profiles

Click here for ImmerSeal® Datasheet
Click here for ImmerSeal® SDS