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Other Applications

Examples of 3D Molded Products

Examples of 3D/Molded Products

In addition to the ImmerSeal® / ImmerBond® system, Sealex International, Inc. offers an assortment of other products that provide effective solutions in a wide assortment of applications.  These products are available in various materials, shapes and properties.

Three Dimensional/Molded Products

Sealex offers products in both three dimensional extrusions as well as molded parts manufactured from silicone and other materials. These types of products are commonly used in various construction related applications such as weatherproofing, expansion joints for bridges, parking garages and other traffic areas, IG storage racks, gaskets, and many others.

Flame Resistant

ImmerSeal® FR is a flame resistant version of the ImmerSeal® pre-cured silicone sealant. This product utilizes special additives that keep the pre-cured sealant from sustaining a flame when ignited. This product is currently used in transportation related applications where the FAA requires the use of materials that do not propagate a flame.

Other materials

Sealex also offers various products manufactured from materials other than silicone. These products include EPDM, neoprene, PVC and others.

Please Contact Us for additional information or to inquire about Sealex’s manufacturing capabilities and availability of these other products.