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immerflex logo hires -  Product Description

Sealex ImmerFlex™ products are extruded and molded elastomeric silicone shapes that are utilized in applications where complex shapes are required. ImmerFlex™ is commonly manufactured to customer’s specific details and specifications. Typically, ImmerFlex™ is bonded to substrates using a premium silicone sealant such as ImmerBond® as the adhesive. ImmerFlex™ is manufactured from 100% silicone using processes specifically designed for semi-rigid profiles and complex molded parts.



immerflex logo hires sm -  Features

  • Engineered to specific projects
  • Complex semi-rigid shaped profiles
  • 3-D molded parts
  • Wide range of durometers (35-70 Shore A)
  • Ease of installation
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Color Fast Formulation
  • Wide operational temperature range (-60ºF to 300ºF)
  • Non corrosive and corrosion Resistant
  • Resistant to ultraviolet exposure and weathering
  • Capable of sealing high movement joints
  • May be bonded to itself or other substrates using a silicone adhesive
  • Irregular Shapes


immerflex logo hires sm -  Areas of Application


ImmerFlex™ products are engineered to match specific project requirements.  Sealex works closely with its customers to ensure the correct design for the application.  Following the design phase, appropriate tooling is manufactured for the production of ImmerFlex™.

Some ImmerFlex™ examples are listed below

  • Extruded Mullion Covers
  • Molded Intersection, Corner, & Tee Details
  • Bridge Expansion Joints
  • Sealing Gaskets
  • Curtainwall Joints
  • Window Perimeter Seals
  • Penetration Seals IMMERFLEX PIC 2
  • Setting Blocks
  • Repairing leaks in aluminum window systems
  • Metal building/roofing applications
  • RV & Cargo Trailer applications
  • Seals in marine applications
  • Specialty gaskets or seals for general building maintenance
  • Seals ductwork on HVAC systems
  • Many others!


immerflex logo hires sm -  Standard Products

ImmerFlex™ products are available in standard sizes ranging from 6” to 18” in width with a nominal thickness of 2 mm (0.079”). Standard profiles are rolled up flat in 50 or 100 ft increments. ImmerFlex™ is readily available in the following standard sizes and colors:

Standard Sizes: 6", 9", 12", 15", 18"

Standard Color: Gray

Click here for ImmerFlex™ Datasheet
Click here for ImmerFlex MSDS