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IG / Window / Door

ImmerSeal® GST is an ultra low modulus, extruded silicone strip designed for use in a variety of applications in window, door & IG manufacturing facilities.  Due its unique properties, ImmerSeal® GST is commonly used for tooling/smoothing hot melt & warm melt butyl, polysulfide & polyurethane sealant.  It is also useful as a non-stick, cushioned liner strip for IG storage racks and is used on gloves or cut as pads for use in handling IG units.


immerseal-gst-logo-hires-sm - Key features

  • Used in pad form for tooling of hot melt & warm melt butyls and polysulfide & polyurethane sealants in freshly produced IG units. (See Figure 1).
  • Thick (1/4”) silicone pads will withstand tooling of un-seamed glass edges.
  • 100% silicone formulation provides a durable, non-stick surface.
  • Ultra low modulus provides high flexibility and allows material to bend around corners.
  • Excellent insulating properties to protect against high temperature sealants.
  • Custom designed extrusions can be produced with or without ridges or notches in varying thicknesses and widths.
  • Available in roll form or in pre-cut pieces (3.75” long x 1.5” wide).
  • Can be adhered to IG storages racks, using ImmerBond® silicone adhesive to provide a cushion & non-stick surface for IG units.
  • Use with ImmerBond® silicone adhesive to adhere to a variety of substrates, including metal and wood storage racks.

Click here for ImmerSeal® GST Information Sheet


 ImmerSeal™ GST Pad
ImmerSeal® GST pad used to tool hot melt butyl sealant on a freshly produced IG unit
 ImmerSeal® GST Installed on an IG rack using ImmerBond®
ImmerSeal® GST being installed on an IG rack using ImmerBond® silicone adhesive to bond to the surface of the rack
 ImmerSeal® GST Installation
ImmerSeal® GST installed on both the back and bottom surfaces of an IG rack